Our Favourite Chocolate Books and Films

We don’t know any other food that gets people as excited as chocolate, every Saturday we hear a customer say on entering the shop something along the lines of:romantic-movie-chocolat_thumb

“Just like the shop in the film Chocolat”, or “It’s like a real Willy Wonka shop!”

It really makes us smile as we used to live in the next village, just outside Paris, to Johnny Depp, who starred in both films.  We even shopped at the same supermarket as his wife, but despite our best efforts we never bumped into the famous couple.


Recently, we were talking with a customer about not meeting Johnny, when we realised that we had also lived near our favourite chocolatey author, Road Dahl, when we lived close to Aylesbury.

That got us thinking about what our favourite chocolate-based books were, and it’s no surprise that that there only two books that make our chocolate lovers shortlist:

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald DahlCharlie

Written in 1964 this classic novel is such a beloved story that it’s been made into a film twice, and later this year into a West End musical.

Roald Dahl’s love of chocolate, possibly stems from Cadbury using his school for market research and to test new products; they sent samples to the pupils so that they could get feedback from the eager pupils.

We don’t know of any school that does this anymore so it’s no good trying to find one for your children, but perhaps you might want to go to see the musical instead.

Chocolat-bookChocolat by Joanne Harris

Chocolat was first a best selling book written in 1999 and then into a film in 2000.  It’s the story of young, single mother, played by Juilette Binoche, who arrives in the French village of Lansquenet and opens a chocolate boutique directly opposite the church at the beginning of Lent.  Initially met with opposition, the shop proceeds to gently change the lives of the villagers who visit her chocolaterie with a combination of sympathy, subversion and a little magic.  An amazing story that is testimony to the magic of chocolat!

It’s a short list, but we hope you agree that each book and film has it’s charms.  Perfect for snuggling up with on a cold, wet weekend with a few chocolate buttons to make you feel that you are really part of the story.

Finally, we often get asked which of the two Willy Wonka films we prefer, for the moment that’s a secret, but which is yours?