Child’s Play

imageIt’s the Easter holidays,and we’re  welcoming  more young chocolate fans into our shop than usual.  Chocolate is one of those things, a bit like Christmas and theme parks, that brings out the big kid in everyone. Some types are more ‘sophisticated’ and tailored to adult taste buds than others. But generally rich, creamy, sometimes colourful chocolate is the stuff of dreams for small and big kids alike. (Just ask Charlie Bucket, the hero of Willie Wonka!)

Sweet dreams are made of these…

As well as wanting to sample all of the delicious treats in our shop, most of our young Chocolat Chocolat fans are particularly fascinated by the chocolate-making process, and are in awe of our chief chocolatier Isabelle’s job. Isabelle admits it’s a dream come true to be making chocolate for a living, an ambition that was born from her childhood in France where there are numerous beautiful boutique chocolate shops.

imageExperiencing such sweet inspiration as a child meant that Isabelle’s career was almost inevitable, but after meeting numerous fanatical young chocolatiers-in-the-making in our shop on a regular basis, we have to say we were a bit taken a back to hear that a recent survey on our childhood ‘dream jobs’ didn’t feature ‘chief chocolatier’ at number 1! (The study actually revealed that the majority of men dreamed of being professional athletes or pilots, whereas women wanted to be teachers or vets. Had these people never seen Willy Wonka??)

Come say hello!

In Cambridge at least, we expect chocolate making to be much higher on the list of dream careers! If you know any aspiring young chocolatiers, we’d love to meet them, so make visiting our shop on St Andrews Street part of your Easter holiday to-do list. For special occasions or simply an afternoon of pure chocolate heaven, we also run children’s chocolate courses every weekend. The courses are perfect for mini chocolate lovers and budding junior chocolatiers, providing them with the opportunity to make their own chocolate lollies, truffles and much more!

Did you ever dream of making chocolate as a kid? Or perhaps your own kids are chocolate-mad? Get in touch and tell us about it!


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