Top Tips for Easter Weekend – Valuably Virtuous or Deliciously Decadent?


Blog1It’s Easter this weekend, and we’re egg-xeptionally egg-cited! (Groan.) What is there not to love about this egg-cellent (sorry) holiday, which involves lots of chocolate and an egg-tra-long weekend?

We expect to be rushed off our feet in the shop next Friday and Saturday as last-minute gift-buyers swoop to get their hands on what’s left of our Easter goodies.

We’re only closed Easter Sunday though, and so far have yet to decide how to spend that delectable day off.  To some extent, we expect to be guided by the British weather (to read about our weather obsession, check out last week’s blog!) but being busy people, it feels like there are 1001 things we could see or do in those glorious holiday hours in order to make the most of them.  However, we’re torn…

Our ideas for the holiday fall firmly into one of two camps:  the Valuably Virtuous and the Deliciously Decadent. To explain, the former involves using our time wisely to get our ducks – or Easter chicks? – in a row and do some of the things we just never have time to do.  The latter involves metaphorically screwing up our personal ‘to do’ lists and doing whatever we feel like. To give you some inspiration, here are some ideas for how to spend your Easter break. Which camp you fall into is entirely up to you!

Blog 2Valuably Virtuous

  1. Get all greenfingered – this time of year can be perfect for starting a veggie patch or just clearing out the garden and the ravages of winter, before the warmer weather (hopefully!) kicks in
  2. Spring clean your wardrobe. If the temperatures finally start to rise, make sure your summer gear isn’t hidden under a pile of woolly jumpers
  3. Cook a roast dinner and invite friends and family you’ve been meaning to catch up with for ages

Deliciously DecadentBlog3

  1. Take the family and an indulgent picnic somewhere green and gorgeous – we love The Backs by the River Cam
  2. Leave the wardrobe sorting for another day…but that’s not to say you can’t boost existing stocks with a wander around the shops (what’s the changing season for if not an excuse to buy something new?!)
  3. Leave the oven off and catch up with friends and family at a lovely local restaurant – if you’re in the Cambridge area, Cotto, The Oak Bistro, or even Alimentum are definitely worth a visit

What are your plans for the Easter weekend? Let us know whether you’re planning to be Valuably Virtuous or Deliciously Decadent!


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