Why spring can wait!

Spring1We don’t know about you, but it seems we have spent the last six months mummified in thermal undergarments and knitwear (and under fleecy blankets and positioned next to the fire, when we don’t have to leave the house). Permanently shivering, despite our sensible clothing, and with chattering teeth, that have nothing to do with making conversation and everything to do with the fact that it feels like it’s been minus ten for the last ten years.

More to the point, though, we’re STILL shivering, even now as we hit mid-March. Everyone is even more obsessed with the British weather than usual, and many have taken to reminiscing longingly about that one freak week of abnormally mild weather that occurred this very time in 2012. Remember that? Winter coats and snow boots were cast aside for shorts and flip flops overnight, and we got a bit carried away, daydreaming excitedly about long summer nights and seaside getaways with the rose-tinted perspective of the seriously Vitamin-D-deprived. It lasted about a week, if we recall correctly. For our March heatwave was nothing but a flash-in-the-pan, a cruel fluke of a weather front that set us all up for a big fall when spring and summer 2012 simply failed to materialise. Jump forward a year to March 2013, where we (along with the thermometer’s mercury position) couldn’t be in a more different place.

Spring2You see, while everyone is bemoaning the frost and snow and hail for long outstaying its welcome, we realised this week that we will be quite sad to see the back of winter. We completely understand that de-icing windscreens, waiting for boiler repair people and seeing virtually no daylight for weeks on end isn’t always fun. But what is fun is how winter seems to gives us licence to indulge in chocolate, whatever the time of day! Well strictly speaking, we never need licence to enjoy our favourite treat, but eating chocolate somehow seems even more essential in winter, as just a little chunk can melt away the seasonal blues faster than you can say ‘the Caribbean’. Plus, if you’re anything like us in freezing temperatures, your next hot drink is never far away. And you can’t have a hot drink without a chocolate accompaniment, can you? Unless of course, chocolate is the hot Spring3drink! Since we opened Chocolat Chocolat, our hot chocolate has been a firm customer favourite, with people travelling for miles for their warming chocolate fix. It’s definitely best enjoyed when conditions are somewhat frosty. Summer (which we can’t even imagine right now), on the other hand, is the time when our mouth-wateringly moreish ice cream comes into its own. For now though, we’re more than happy to have a(nother) cup of the hot stuff and wait that little bit longer for spring’s arrival.

Tell us what you think about the barmy (not balmy) British weather! Are you happy to keep warm with hot chocolate and thermals, or are you eager to get stuck into summer?


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