Chocolatier For the Day

When you enter our little shop in the centre of Cambridge, the smell of chocolate wafts through the air and you are surrounded by trays of alluring pralines and truffles  tempting you to eat them.  In the window, our chocolatier is skillfully making our famous sheet chocolate for everyone to see.  Everyday we get asked by customers where they learn how to make their own handmade chocolates too.CC Making

At the suggestion of a customer we decided to start our own chocolate course, and 3 years later hundreds of chocolat lovers have discovered, not only the joys of making their own handmade truffles, but how easy it is as well.

On the course, before we dive into the actual chocolate making, we talk a bit about the history and theory of chocolate.  We discuss the taste and flavour of some the familiar and more exotic varieties that are available.  And of course, no chocolate course would be complete without the all important tasting.  We sample Single Orgin chocolates from around the world and see if your palette can distinguish the differences.

Next comes the making.  First, our chocolatier shows how to make a ganache,  one of the most versatile chocolate recipes around.  Then everyone gets to make and flavour their very own handmade, fresh, luxury truffles.  Proving, even an amateur can produce a perfect chocolat under the guidance of our chocolatier.

So far our chocolatier has guided chocolate lovers of all ages from early teens to mid-eighties through the course and every single participant has been delighted by the 30-40 truffles they have made with their own hands.

Our courses are in central Cambridge, usually on the first Saturday of the month.  In addition to a chocolate filled morning of fun, each attendee receives a certificate, 10% discount card, and a selection of our favourite recipes to take home as well.

If you want to learn about the art of chocolate making why not book a course and join in the fun?

CC Making 2

Upcoming chocolate making courses:

Saturday 16th February * Valentines Special

Saturday 2nd March

Saturday 9th March * Mother’s Day Special

Saturday 6th April

Saturday 23rd March * Easter Special

Saturday 11th May

Saturday 8th June

Saturday 6th July

Venue: Cambridge City Hotel, Downing St, Cambridge CB2 3DT (UK)

Costs £55 per Person / £50 per person for 2 or more attendees booking at the same time.  Chocolate Course Gift Vouchers available.

Book by email or phone 01223 778982


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